All AC3 Dark Costumes. Assassins Creed 3 Multiplayer Character customization

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Dark Costumes for all AC3 Multiplayer Characters.

To get Dark Commander and Dark Huntsman: play as Commander on Animus Core.

To get Dark Hessian and Dark Bear: play as Bear on Fort Wolcott.

To get Dark Pioneer and Dark Carpenter: play as Pioneer on Virginian Plantation.

To get Dark Mountebank and Dark Robber: play as Mountebank on Boston North End.

To get Dark Night Stalker and Dark Preacher: play as Preacher on Boston Harbor.

To get Dark Lady Maverick and Dark Independent: play as Independent on New York Brewery.

To get Dark Strong Man: play any character on Northwest Passage.

Bonus: "The Wolfpack Leader" challenge for complete Wolfpack on all maps.

Dark Costumes included into Hidden Secrets DLC are: Dark Red Coat, Dark Sharpshooter.

Dark Costumes included into Battle Hardened DLC are: Dark Highlander, Dark Governor, Dark Coyote Man.

Dark costume for Silent Shadow also comes with the character.

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Deacon costume for Preacher:

Winter mode:

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Exclusive AC3 costumes:

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C'est la vie:

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Assassin's Creed III multiplayer characters customization. Kill animation montage.

アサシン クリードIII マルチプレイ 人物 衣裳 カスタム化

Кредо Убийцы 3 Мультиплеер на русском: персонажи, костюмы и снаряжение.

刺客教條3 多人模式 人物 角色 服裝造型 客製化(訂製)

刺客信条3 多人模式 人物 角色 服装造型 客制化(订制)

Wolfpack 狼群模式;狼群模式 волчья стая


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Написал: SSZZClan, 16.11.2013, 13:52

how can you get the red coat character? i try it all but i dont know what i must do can you help me?
Написал: Alex68, 05.11.2013, 04:01

to unlock dark costumes you need to complete all 25 sequences and win a certain wolfpack session with the certain persona. Full list is in the description.
Написал: BroGamers DK, 04.11.2013, 20:49

do you need to win the lv
Написал: Alex68, 15.10.2013, 15:16

you are welcome! thanks for your comments!
Написал: HailTheGeezer, 14.10.2013, 20:36

Thanks my friend, i always wanted to get the dark hessian!
Написал: Alex68, 13.10.2013, 04:13

select game mode - Wolfpack Standard (Invite only), select map and launch the game :)
Написал: Kevin Reagan, 13.10.2013, 02:54

Alex how do you play wolf pack solo?
Написал: Alex68, 01.10.2013, 01:48

thanks! appreciate your comments!
Написал: gkdi83, 30.09.2013, 16:35

Thank u so much u r the best subbed
Написал: Alex68, 21.09.2013, 08:29

thanks for watching!
Написал: jikourtis2008, 21.09.2013, 08:01

Thank u man at least ur helpful other people on YouTube r shit ( no information about dark skins )
Написал: Alex68, 15.09.2013, 16:02

awesome! have a nice game! to get credits faster - play Standard Wolfpack, no need to go Hardcore :) see more tips in "AC3 Wolfpack" playlist! Have a nice game!
Написал: Rogelio Esquivel, 15.09.2013, 15:53

Ok I'm going to play wolf pack
Написал: Rogelio Esquivel, 15.09.2013, 05:37

It's because I'm not good like you dude
Написал: Rogelio Esquivel, 15.09.2013, 05:27

But I'm trying to get champion costume
Написал: Alex68, 15.09.2013, 05:01

not so long! just play more! you can get more Abstergo credits by playing Wolfpack (around 500 Abstergo Credits per game of 11-12 minutes) See my "AC3 Wolfpack" playlist for more details and hints
Написал: Rogelio Esquivel, 15.09.2013, 04:15

It takes long to get alot a a stereo credits right now I have 12354 credits its going to take a while them. Maybe years
Написал: Rogelio Esquivel, 15.09.2013, 04:16

Whoops abstergo
Написал: Alex68, 14.09.2013, 17:59

no way, just buy it... why do you need Erudito? you can buy everything using Abstergo Credits
Написал: Rogelio Esquivel, 14.09.2013, 17:01

Instead of buying them
Написал: Rogelio Esquivel, 14.09.2013, 17:00

By any chance do you know how to get erudito credits
Написал: Alex68, 14.09.2013, 13:10

awesome! congratulations!
Написал: Rogelio Esquivel, 14.09.2013, 05:45

Thanks this is late but because of you I got all dark costume for each
Написал: Alex68, 01.09.2013, 02:15

there will be a bar what will start to decrease with the sound. just press kill button any time during this bar is running
Написал: Rogelio Esquivel, 31.08.2013, 21:49