Exclusive AC3 costumes for Huntsman, Night Stalker, Preacher and Lady Maverick. AC3 Multiplayer

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Exclusive AC3 multiplayer costumes:

Renegade costume for the Night Stalker (get it from Uplay),

Ratonhnhake:ton costume for the Huntsman (complete Single player game),

Deacon costume for the Preacher (play ACR multiplayer),

Courtesan costume for the Lady Maverick (play ACB multiplayer).

Note: to get Deacon and Courtesan: games must be linked to Uplay, Uplay Passport should be activated for every game.

Except of the exclusive costume, all 19 multiplayer characters have 6 costumes:

0. None

1. White costume (buy it with the Abstergo credits)

2. Dark costume (unlock by playing Wolfpack: )

3,4. Alternative colors costumes

5. Costume from a champion pack (see links below)

6. Warrior costume: (sold only during multiplayer events)

Champion Packs can be bought with the Abstergo Credits (20,000 or 19,000) or with Erudito Credits. Normally only 4 champion packs are sold every week, updated every Monday.

See champion pack videos below:

All AC3 champion costumes:

Commodore costume for Commander:

The Wild One costume for Pioneer:

Wild Bear Costume for Bear:

Nanuk Hunter costume for Strong Man:

Undertaker costume for Mountebank:

Grenadier costume for Hessian:

Minuteman Costume for Sharpshooter:

Butcher Costume for Carpenter:

Adventurer Costume for Lady Maverick:

Highwayman Costume for Huntsman:

Exorcist costume for Preacher:

Snatcher Costume for Robber:

Mad Killer Costume for Night Stalker:

Black Watch Costume for Highlander:

Wild Cat costume for Independent:

Iktomi Follower costume for Coyote Man:

Silent Hunter costume for Silent Shadow:

Nobleman costume for Governor:

Officer costume for Redcoat:

Dark Costumes for all AC3 Multiplayer Characters can be unlocked by playing Wolfpack.

See AC3 Dark costumes video for details:

Dark Commander and Dark Huntsman: play as Commander on Animus Core.

Dark Hessian and Dark Bear: play as Bear on Fort Wolcott.

Dark Pioneer and Dark Carpenter: play as Pioneer on Virginian Plantation.

Dark Mountebank and Dark Robber: play as Mountebank on Boston North End.

Dark Night Stalker and Dark Preacher: play as Preacher on Boston Harbor.

Dark Lady Maverick and Dark Independent: play as Independent on New York Brewery.

Dark Strong Man: play any character on Northwest Passage.

Hidden Secrets DLC characters: Dark Red Coat, Dark Sharpshooter.

Battle Hardened DLC characters: Dark Highlander, Dark Governor, Dark Coyote Man.

Silent Shadow: unlock it by registering your Uplay Passport.

AC3 Warrior costumes:

Deacon costume for Preacher:

ACB costumes:

Exclusive AC3 costumes:

Winter mode:

My channel: gaming and fun:

Assassins Creed 3 Multiplayer costumes. Assassin's Creed III multiplayer characters customization.

アサシン クリードIII マルチプレイ 人物 衣裳 カスタム化

Кредо Убийцы 3 Мультиплеер на русском: персонажи, костюмы и снаряжение.

刺客教條3 多人模式 人物 角色 服裝造型 客製化(訂製)

刺客信条3 多人模式 人物 角色 服装造型 客制化(订制)

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Написал: Alex68, 12.10.2013, 20:57

Написал: dalkota2, 12.10.2013, 20:55

i got two of them renegade and the preacher's
Написал: Lana Del Rey, 21.09.2013, 18:57

I love the courtesan
Написал: Alex68, 10.09.2013, 16:03

if you want to get the Courtesan costume for the Lady Maverick - you need to play at least one match of ACB multiplayer. Both AC3 and ACB must be linked to your Uplay account
Написал: Alex68, 10.09.2013, 16:01

Написал: Guilherme Santos, 10.09.2013, 00:44

It pronounces Ra-to-na-ke-ton. A piece of advise
Написал: Parting I, 09.09.2013, 17:22

dude how i can get the lady maverick custome?
Написал: Alex68, 31.08.2013, 02:08

1. link you AC3 game and ACR game to Uplay. Just from the game menu visit Uplay. 2. play at least on full multiplayer session of ACR multiplayer
Написал: Theshadow479715478, 30.08.2013, 20:40

I cant get da deacon outfit i played multiplayer n da single player why can i get it?? Plz help
Написал: Theshadow479715478, 30.08.2013, 20:40

Написал: Jose Nieves, 24.08.2013, 16:13

The throwing knife decreases their range by 4 feet if you get to close they will be able to kill or contest you (Knifed opponent 6 feet range non-knifed opponent 10 feet)
Написал: Alex68, 24.08.2013, 16:19

thanks for your help, Jose! another point: cannot use high profile to knife stun - high profile decreases kill range.
Написал: Alex68, 23.08.2013, 06:00

haha! thanks!
Написал: Jose Nieves, 23.08.2013, 05:15

I love it how he is Russian but says "Night Stalker" in a british accent.
Написал: JT snipes, 11.08.2013, 07:37

Alex, random question, but how do you knife stun. I either stun them or get contested, don't know what to do for sure.
Написал: JT snipes, 10.08.2013, 07:54

Might get the preacher. If no huntsman, than preacher. Thanks. Only got 24k so saving for both.
Написал: JT snipes, 10.08.2013, 07:28

Don't have the deacon one. Really want it.
Написал: Alex68, 10.08.2013, 07:43

redcoat, preacher, pioneer, and someone else :)
Написал: JT snipes, 10.08.2013, 07:33

Alex any predictions on what champ packs will be out next week?
Написал: Alex68, 08.08.2013, 05:48

i hope so. loyalty program really helps them to sell old games
Написал: Mihai Chris, 08.08.2013, 05:27

I wonder io the loyalty packs will be awarded on ac4 on ps4 to.
Написал: Alex68, 07.08.2013, 08:47

yes, why not? :) it will be not easy to match the playing time...
Написал: EpicBros246, 06.08.2013, 15:12

I have 3 of these :U
Написал: Jhanson125, 07.08.2013, 06:48

will you play ac3 with me on ps3 sometime alex? Maybe AA or Domination?
Написал: EpicBros246, 07.08.2013, 01:11

I didnt play it :/